5 Top Snapchat Ads Specifications

Below are the specifications for Snapchat ads. If this is something you’re interested in running for your company or brand, first read our piece on Snapchat advertising in India. Also, feel free to contact us if you want to have us run a phenomenal campaign for you!

Top Snap Specifications –

Just like regular Snaps, Snap Ads offer a variety of creative freedom to communicate your message. They can take the form of video— whether it be live, motion graphic,
cinema-graph, or gif style.
















image source: 99signals.com


Additional Notes 

  • To prevent overlap with the following elements, Snapchat suggests avoiding placement of logos or other graphic elements within 150px of the top and bottom of creative.


  • Full screen and vertically formatted.
  • Features visual branding (i.e. logo or product placement with brand logo visible).
  • Approved for viewing by a 13+ audience.


App Install Specifications –

Standard Snap Ads with the capability to swipe up to directly access the app store or play store to install the app.


  • App ID and URLs for both Google Play and iTunes App Stores:
  • Google Play store ID can be found after “id=” in store url (e.g. Snapchat’s Google Play app id is “com.snapchat.android”)
  • Apple Store ID should be the numeric value only (e.g. Snapchat’s Apple Store id is “447188370”)
  • 200 x 200 px App Icon (png).


Snapchat supports tracking for the following in-app events:

  • Purchase
  • Save
  • Checkout
  • Add to Cart
  • View Content
  • Billing
  • Sign Up
  • Search
  • Complete
  • App Open

Additional Notes 

  • Snapchat adds a call-to-action at the bottom of the Top Snap (Snap Ad).
  • Text or logos should not run within 150px of the bottom of the Top Snap canvas in order to avoid any overlap with this call-to-action.

Advertisers may select from the following call-to-action for App Install attachments :


Web View Specifications –

Standard Snap Ads with the capability to swipe up to view a web page that is instantly loaded.


  • Provided destination URL must work in mobile Safari and mobile Chrome.
  • Vertically-orientated experiences (as the Web View does not rotate into landscape mode).

*Subject to change at Snapchat’s discretion.


  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter URLs.
  • URLs that require Snapchatters to log into other social platforms.
  • URLs that access the phone’s native functionality (i.e. the camera, photo gallery, or microphone).
  • URLs that ask for a Snapchatter’s username.
  • URLs that automatically redirect to the App Store (including iTunes).

Additional Notes 

  • AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are supported.
  • Snapchat adds a call-to-action at the bottom of the Top Snap (Snap Ad).
  • Native sharing buttons will appear on the web page at the top center of the screen and lower right corner. Avoid placing logos or important text in these areas if overlap is a concern.


Long Form Video Specifications

Snap Ads with the capability to swipe up to view a video up to 1GB in size. From full-length trailers and short films to how-tos and behind-the-scenes footage, Snap Ads Long Form Video allows you to combine a bite-sized teaser with a long-form narrative in one simple swipeable package.


File Format 

  • .mp4 or .mov
  • H.264 encoded


  • 2 channels only
  • PCM or AAC codec
  • 192 minimum kbps
  • 16 or 24 bit only
  • 48 KHz sample rate


  • Minimum length: 15 sec (no max)
  • Live and/or Motion Graphic video
  • Maximum size: 1 GB

Additional Notes 

  • Vertical video is preferred, but horizontal is permitted.
  • Snapchat adds a “WATCH” call-to-action at the bottom of the Top Snap (Snap Ad).

Advertisers may select from the following call-to-action for Long Form Video attachments :


Deep Link Specifications

Deep Linking is great for helping to re-engage existing users of your app. It’s also a great tool to reach both new and existing users of your app, offering a different solution to both from which users can convert, either in app or in the App Store.

When a user who already has your app swipes up on your ad, they are directed to the location in your app defined by your deep link. If you reach a user who does not have your app, they are directed to the app store to install.

What is needed to build the Deep Link Attachment?

  • iOS App ID
  • Google Play App ID
  • Deep Link URI to define the point in your app you want to send users who have your app to e.g. snapchat://MyStory123abc
  • iOS and Android App icons in 512×512

Advertisers may select from the following call-to-actions for App Install attachments:



Featured image source: uberbin.net

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